Therefore, I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you though the laying on of my hands. 2nd Timothy 1:6

Be an agent of Encouragement and Empowerment

Yesterday I was working out in the gym with a trainer. My trainer is a Christian and a worshiper. While we workout she is praising the Lord and praying. We were both were pretty stirred up in the spirit after that workout. God was using her as an agent of encouragement to me. I told her when I first met with her that I wanted to get healthy to travel on the mission field. She said, “that will be your WHY for getting stronger.”

When I got in my car heading back home, a song came on my playlist. The lyrics stirred me.

Set a fire down in my soul

That I can’t contain and I can’t control

I want more of you, God, I want more of you, God.

In that moment, God was using that song to encourage me and stir me.

Paul challenges Timothy to stir up the gifts within him. Paul reminded Timothy of three things: his foundation of faith, his spiritual gifts, and his empowerment to use those gifts. Paul was Timothy’s agent of encouragement. Paul reminded Timothy that his WHY was a holy calling.   

My trainer sometimes directs me to use the right form for lifting weights. She is an agent to direct my positioning so that I don’t get injured. If she sees my form getting sloppy, she will say something to get me back on form.

Paul, in the above scripture, was doing this for Timothy. He was drawing his attention back to what is important for building his faith. He was calling attention to his spiritual form.

A good agent of encouragement will always point others to things that put them in the right spiritual posture. Encouragers want to see success in others. Agents of encouragement pray for others, develop others, and build them up in the faith.

The prayer today is for the Lord to rekindle (stir up) the flame of our hearts. Let us also consider our part to pray for others, encourage others and build others in the faith.

What is your WHY for a breakthrough? What is your reason for stirring up the gift and fanning the flame of your heart? Name your WHY and expect a breakthrough!

Dear Lord,

Help us, Father God, to stir up the gift within us! Help us to rekindle the passion we once had for you. Let us not forget where you brought us from. Empower us to be fervent in prayer, chasing after you daily, and checking our spiritual form as we draw close to you. Give power, love, and sound mind instead of fear. If I am weak, send me someone like Paul to be an agent of encouragement to me. If I am strong, help me to be an agent of encouragement to someone else. I want more and more of you! Give me more of you! I love you, Lord Jesus!


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