“The Waiting”

Blog by Darlene Winans

Based on FB Live Prayer on Monday, December 11, 2023
As we start a new year, we look back at the old and make plans for the new – and
what a fantastic and blessed year we had with IWM in 2023! We are so thankful
to the Lord for all He has done: mission trips to Nicaragua, Philippines, and
Mexico; investing in women recovering from addictions at John 3:17 Ministries in
Arkansas; rebuilding a pastor’s home destroyed by fire in the Philippines;
supporting women’s ministry and revival in Pakistan – and so much more! God is
so faithful!
And, we look forward to what God will do in 2024 – we have plans to wipe the
tears of our sisters in India, Kenya, and Indonesia; continuing our partnership and
support of ministries in Nicaragua and Pakistan; and two stateside trips. And,
thanks to all of you who donated during Giving Tuesday back in November, we
will have funds available in the General Fund to give to missionaries with urgent
needs. We pray the Lord will bless these plans and the work of our hands.
We just celebrated Christmas – with thankfulness that Christ came – and the
season of Advent. The literal meaning of “advent” is “coming”. In the dictionary,
“advent” is defined as the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. At
Christmastime, as believers, as Christians, celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus
Christ, we are waiting, we are preparing, for celebrating His first coming. And, in
the new year 2024, we are waiting for His Second Coming! Amen!
During the season of Advent, I read and enjoyed the devotional Waiting Here For
You: An Advent Journey of Hope by Louie Giglio. In this devotional, the author
talks about waiting – how we hate to wait! As children – waiting on our birthday
party to start, waiting on Christmas to come to open the presents, wanting
dessert now, but being told you’ll have to wait till after dinner. As adults – we
don’t like to wait, either – waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting in traffic,
waiting at the doctor’s office. What do we do in the waiting? We get impatient,
frustrated, angry, or emotional. If it’s something we’ve been waiting on for a long
time, we sometimes lose hope.
Let’s look at the history of Israel, waiting on the Messiah to come. Prophecies
abound in the Old Testament, from Moses to Malachai, of the promise of Messiah
to come. Yet after Malachai, there were 400 years of silence. No prophets, no

word from the Lord. Only silence. Can you imagine? Generations were born,
lived, and died, hearing the prophecies of old regarding the Messiah, but never
seeing it fulfilled. Perhaps many gave up hope – not seeing that God was at work.
And yet God was on the move! God may have been silent during this time, but He
was not inactive: He was preparing, working, making way for His Son, Jesus, to be
So I ask you: What are you waiting for? A diagnosis? Waiting to see if a treatment
works Waiting on a baby to be born? Waiting on a loved one to be healed? When
I read this devotional, I must tell you, it struck a chord with me. It pierced my
heart. It wrecked me. For me, I’m waiting to see the day of my children’s
salvation. Many of you who are reading this are also waiting on the salvation of a
loved one. Don’t lose hope – Israel may have lost hope in the waiting, for they
waited 400 years! But God was working in the silence. God was preparing for the
first coming of His Son. And the promise came! The promises and prophecies in
His word are true, for Messiah came! Hallelujah! God is preparing NOW for the
second coming of His Son – and He will come again!
His promises and prophecies in His word are true for YOU. The thing you are
waiting for – maybe God is silent – but He is NOT doing nothing – God is on the
move, working it out, preparing and making a way for your miracle! Don’t lose
Waiting – it’s so hard! But know that God is working, even if He is silent. Ask Him
for blessing and comfort in the waiting. Ask Him for peace, knowing that He are
still working and making a way. What can we do while we wait for our miracle?

  1. In the waiting, I want to emphasize the importance of community – don’t
    bear your struggle, your waiting, alone. Find a friend or family member who
    will agree with you in prayer. If you’re comfortable, post your prayer
    request on social media, or on your church’s prayer chain. I’d like you to
    agree with me in prayer for the salvation of my children – for Robert, Corey,
    and Patrick. In turn, I agree with you for the salvation of your loved ones.
    Galatians 6:2 says: Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of
  2. Pray the promises – just as the prophecies of old were fulfilled when Jesus
    Messiah came, we pray the promises in God’s Word over our situation. Find
    the scriptures that speak to you and pray the scriptures, knowing that God
    is faithful to fulfill His promises!
  3. Know God is at work, even if He is silent. God did not forget His promises to
    Israel concerning the Messiah, and He will not forget His promises to you!
    Generations came and went, but they did not lose hope. You may not see
    the promise fulfilled in your lifetime, but it will come to fruition!
  4. Look for the lesson. What is God teaching you as you wait? Ask the Lord to
    show you, as you wait on Him.
    As we begin 2024, we wait with expectant hope. God is on the move! God is
    faithful! And He will fulfill His promises! Amen!

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