“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)

Knowing the Lord as Our Shepherd

King David was a complicated man. He was a shepherd, a warrior, a praiser and a king. Obviously, he had a gift for writing songs and hymns. Psalm 23 gives us a peek into the deep understanding he had of God. His declaration, “The Lord is my shepherd” reveals that David had a very special, intimate relationship with God. 

David is illustrating through this word picture the Lord’s attention, guidance and protection. 

What does a shepherd do? 

A shepherd is a caretaker, protector, overseer. He tends to the needs of the sheep. He feeds them, leads them, and teaches them. One description called the shepherd a teacher. 

David knew he would not lack anything as long as he stayed in close relationship with the Lord. 

John 10:11 describes Jesus as the “Good Shepherd.” He is not just anyone, but the one who gave his life for the sheep! He knows the sheep and the sheep know him. 

The Lord knows what is feeding you right now. He is aware of what your struggle is at this very moment. He has laid down his life for you to find green pastures and rest beside still waters. (Psalm 23:2) It is amazing to me how we humans can reject that good place and go feed in what might seem like “greener pastures.” The greener pastures represent the alternative to God’s plan for us. The enemy loves to stalk you and prowl around in the pasture the Lord has provided. He wants to pick you off and leave you broken. 

The Lord has decided that the pasture he has you in, is the right place for you right now. It’s hard sometimes to understand why he has led us to the place we are in. You are in the place you are in to learn and grow. You have been provided the right field, next to a stream of living water to feed on and find rest in the shepherd of your soul. 

Many struggle to believe that healing and deliverance can come because they don’t know the Lord intimately. He did not come to condemn you, but to give you everything you need to succeed! (John 3:17) 

David understood that if the good shepherd was directing his ways, that he would be just fine. He would not lack anything good. He could rest in whatever difficult circumstance he was in because he had an intimate relationship with Jehovah – Rohi, The Lord our Shepherd. 

He made a declaration that Jehovah – Rohi was leading him, directing him, and providing for him. He could rest in that knowledge. His hope was not in his circumstance. His hope was in the king of kings.

Today, reflect on the Lord as your Shepherd. 

Make this declaration your prayer today as we prepare for Friday’s healing and deliverance service… The Lord is my Shepherd. You are Jehovah – Rohi! You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You have me in a place of growth and learning. You keep me, you lead me, you guide me. You feed my soul with good things. You provide quiet spring of living water that quenches my thirst. I can stretch out in the green pastures you have provided and find rest for my soul. I won’t strive, but trust that I am in safe keeping. Thank you, Lord for the pasture you have provided. I submit to your authority. I listen for your voice, and I know you! Praise your name forever and ever. AMEN.

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