The Greatness of Our God

“There is none like You, O Lord; You are great, and great is Your name in might” (Jeremiah 10:6).

It is obvious that we are living in difficult times.  “These are the times that try men’s souls,” said Thomas Paine.  He wrote that in 1776.  I wonder what he would write about 2020-2022?  There is much more than political turmoil.  There is social unrest, natural disasters, wars and conflicts, riots and protests around the world, political divisions, and for good measure, throw in a global pandemic and a war that is destroying a country.  And there is not only a medical pandemic to deal with, but also a resultant pandemic of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.  Life is pretty overwhelming.

So how do we deal with all this?  The best answer is to look up.  Raise our eyes above the surrounding circumstances.  Lift your gaze heavenward and see HIM who is still on the throne.  He is not disturbed or distraught at all that has happened in the past two years.  (Yet, he is concerned.)  He is not perplexed, confused, or worried.  Fear has not gripped his divine heart.  Anxiety has not crippled his ability to function.  He is calmly, albeit compassionately, “doing his job” as Lord and King of all creation.  That is our God.  So, let us contemplate the greatness of our God.

  • He simply spoke, and all of existence came into being (Genesis 1:1).
  • He breathed, and the vastness of space sprang into reality (Psalm 33:6).
  • He created the millions of billions of stars in the cosmos and knows each one by name (Isaiah 40:26).
  • He measures the vastness of the universe by the width of his hand (Isaiah 40:12).
  • He cups the world’s oceans and seas in the palm of his hand (Isaiah 40:12).
  • He sovereignly governs all nature (Psalm 135:6-7).
  • He gives the breath of life to all men (Isaiah 42:5).
  • He is King above all those who are falsely called “gods” (Psalm 95:3).
  • He is King over all the earth (Psalm 47:2).
  • To him, all the nations of the earth are a mere drop in a bucket (Isaiah 40:15).
  • He utters a word and whatever he declares comes to pass (Psalm 33:9, Daniel 4:35).
  • His wisdom and knowledge are beyond our understanding (Romans 11:33).
  • He is clothed with majesty and power (Psalm 93:1).
  • He exists from everlasting to everlasting (Psalm 41:13).
  • Yet, marvel of all marvels, he that inhabits eternity itself chooses to dwell with us (Isaiah 57:15).
  • None can be compared to him in his greatness (Psalm 89:6).
  • His greatness is beyond our understanding (Psalm 145:3).

 In the midst of all the trouble, pain, and confusion of this world—this is what we should choose to gaze upon.  We must see God, and his greatness, above all else.  That is our hope.  That is our consolation.  That is our strength and confidence.

Written by Victor Morris or Truth Builders Ministries, a friend of IWM

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