The Great and Unsearchable

Hidden Treasures – CEPS

By Autumn Nims, President of IWM

When the Lord shows me something in scripture more than once. I sit up and take notice. That happened with Jeremiah 33:3. “You shall call and I will answer you and show you GREAT and UNSEARCHABLE things that you do not know.” 

This struck me to the core when I first read it. What does the Lord mean by great and unsearchable?  How can I know the great and unsearchable things of God? I pondered this scripture, and I began to read the book of Jeremiah to get the context. 

Jeremiah had a difficult call on his life. His call was to an idolatrous generation. His call was to a people that he called, “harlots.” God told him that he would be rejected for the stiff rebuke of correction he was bringing to a backsliding people.  

God gave Jeremiah the words he should speak to “root” out and “pull down” the sins of a nation. (Jeremiah 1:9) We can apply this to ourselves. What do you need to root out? There is nothing worse in a Christian’s life than to have a sin that has taken root. Roots go deep and they take hold of what is underneath the surface. God was saying to Jeremiah that his call was to identify the sins and failures of the people. 

No doubt as you are reading this you are already thinking of something that has taken root in your life. Perhaps it is an addiction, a bad relationship, or you have allowed a secret sin to take root and now it is hard to break free. 

What hinders us from knowing the great and unsearchable things of God? Plain and simple…Sin. Sin keeps us from God’s best for us. Sin keeps our eyes closed to seeing the things of God and our ears shut to hearing his voice. The fear of the Lord has been lost in daily idolatries, harlotries and backslidings. (Jeremiah 5:21-22) 

Jeremiah says: “Call to me and I will show you!” That calling out or that “Heart’s Cry” has to be a cry of passion; a cry of wanting more from the Lord. It’s a desperate call of surrendering to the things of God. It is a DAILY cry!  When you learn what it truly means to uproot sin, then your passion will be restored, and you will see the glory of the Lord! My prayer for you is that your heart’s cry is a redemptive cry for God’s plan and purpose for your life. When that happens…He restores; rebuilds and returns the years the locusts have eaten. Cry out to Him and let Him show you the Great and Unsearchable! 

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