Pakistan Update

Christian Greetings,

IWM has been working with Sister Shazia in Pakistan for sometime now. She is averaging two outreaches a month to women and children in her country. She has traveled far and wide to start Bible Studies, Women’s Groups and Conferences. 

Shazia wants to take the good news of Christ to Afghan refugee camps. She said that they need food, shelter, water, and many other needs. 

She would also like to hold some Bible studies in the camps. So IWM wants to send her the funds to support her team as they work amongst the refugees. The estimates are up to one million refugees. 

I am careful not to post photos in case her work becomes dangerous. She has mentioned that there could be muslim extremists in the camps. 

Pray for Sister Shazia as she takes the God’s love to the Afghan refugees. Pray for her safety and that God would multiply the work and resources. The work is great but we know God can extend the hands and feet of Shazia’s team.

Together in the Harvest!

Autumn Nims

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