Humble Yourselves

Humility is a prerequisite to breakthrough.

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.” 1 Peter 5:6

In this chapter Peter admonishes all to be submissive to one another and to be clothed in humility.

To be clothed in humility suggests we need to dress ourselves up in it. We need to put it on, wear it, and walk in it.

Many years ago, there was a person saying terrible things about me. The rumors were getting back to me through friends who were concerned. I wanted to go and confront that person. I wanted to defend myself, but the Lord in his mercy, instructed me to be silent. The Lord told me that he would fight this battle for me. Time went on and the rumors stopped.

This was a humbling experience for me. If I had tried to defend myself, it could have gotten worse. If I had taken matters into my own hands, it could have meant disaster. Instead, he wanted me to cast my care on him (v7).

Refraining from confrontation was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Instead, I humbled myself and asked the Lord to go to battle for me. And then I prayed for this person.

The putting on of humility felt defeating, but it was the winning plan. God did a work in me and grew me in ways that I would use repeatedly after that. As the word says, “in due season he may exalt you.”

Humbling yourself under the mighty hand of God is relinquishing your will to his power. He desires to teach and grow us up in the faith through trials. His plan unveils our own intentions and strengthens us for whatever we face.

The challenge is to be sober and vigilant because our adversary wants to devour us (v8).

Be steadfast in the faith knowing that suffering will come but God will use it to “perfect us, strengthen us and settle us” (v10).

Today, ask the Lord to help you put on humility so that your breakthrough will come, and in due season, the King of Kings will exalt you!

Heavenly Father,

Today I clothe myself in humility and humble myself before you. I ask you to help me in my weakness. I pray for a breakthrough in my life. I kneel at your feet and pray for you to empower me to overcome bad habits, hatred, prejudice, and anxiety. Give me all that I need to walk faithfully before you. I want to be steadfast and unmovable in my faith. I surrender all my sins to you and ask you to heal me.

In Jesus Name! AMEN!

By Autumn Nims

Founder and President of IWM

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