Flash Drive Ministry

Christ’s love moves forward with strength and power. God is using hardship to propel His work forward in this season and advancing in ways that were never seen before. 

Believers are bolder than ever with sharing the good news of Christ. One missionary said, “We will not shrink back in the face of persecution and death.” 

The risk is great but His love is greater…that is the mantra I keep hearing as I talk and share with the wives, widows and single women on the mission field. They are not afraid. Fearlessness powered by the Holy Spirit is driving the Kingdom work. 

One of those sisters is smuggling the gospel into her native country on flash drives.”Sister Miriam” has stated that her heart is for her people to know the love of Christ. It is love that drives her. It is the faith that God’s word will do the work when no man or woman can. After all, she was saved simply by reading the Bible. 

IWM is engaging the American church to help supply these flash drives. Do you know they only cost $4 to $6 a piece? How much is a life worth to you?  The dark areas of the world are in desperate need of the gospel. 

Together in the Harvest!

Autumn Nims

President and Founder of International Women’s Ministries

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