Hunger for God!

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Hearts Cry – Hunger for God

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied”. (Matthew 5:6)

Angela Raker

Have you ever been so hungry that you grabbed the first thing that was available? You are so excited, and you feel that it’s going to satisfy you. The interesting thing is that you are not satisfied. You immediately start eating anything or everything that is in sight, hoping to fulfill the need ti satisfy your hunger. Yet instead of feeling satisfied, you feel sick because you just ate a lot of junk food.

How about going to the grocery store hungry? Am I the only one that walks in the grocery store starving and feeingl like I just hit the food lottery?  You purchase whatever looks good or not so good. If you are like me, you end up purchasing the most bizarre food you would not eat on an ordinary day, but thought it was as good as gold today. And then you go home and eat a sandwich. Your stomach is full and you realize you just spent money on a lot of unnecessary food that you do not need or even like. To make matters worse, half the food can’t even be given away.

Both of the situations I described for physical hunger had me thinking about why we do not crave God like we crave food. Is it because your spirit is not as loud as a growling stomach? Or could it be you are looking for something tangible that is colorful and you can touch? Or maybe you are looking for some type of sign saying that you are hungry for God. Or maybe you feel that you do not recognize the symptoms of your lack of time with God. There could be so many reasons. Truthfully, our craving for God is an unseen symptom.

This year our theme for International Women’s Ministry is, “Heart’s Cry”. Your heart’s cry begins with your hunger for God. You crave intimacy with Him. You want to align your path with His goals. You want that one-on-one relationship with God. You want your life to change.

There are times that my hunger for God is so profound that it drives me to knees. Seeking his face. Worshipping Him with my heart. Fasting to remove the junk out of my life. Purifying my heart to forgive those that have wronged me. Living my life daily as God has written for me. You see, hunger for God is not a one-day type of situation. It is a daily, hourly, every minute situation. It is craving that we do not regret later on. We do not walk away thinking why did I just eat that. Instead you want to share the nourishment that God has given you.

I love the song Fill Me Up God by Tasha Cobbs. Let me share a little of the chorus with you: “You provide the fire, I’ll provide the sacrifice. You provide the spirit. And I will open up inside. Fill me up God.” You see, all God wants us to provide is ourselves. He will provide us with everything else. 

Use this current season of being home to renew your hunger for God. Not only will it remove your hunger for God, it will give you peace during this pandemic. This is a time of revival. This is a time to renew your relationship with God.

Obedience comes from sacrifice. Seek his face and you will see all the glorious things God has for you!


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